Helping You Reach Fair Support Agreements In Louisiana

Divorce poses many financial considerations and difficulties, not the least of which is determining how much child and spousal support may be involved. At The Schwab Law Firm, our attorneys have more than 60 years of collective experience helping clients in Terrebonne Parish and throughout southeast Louisiana determine accurate income and expenses to reach fair child and spousal support (also known as alimony) agreements.

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Understanding Louisiana Child Support Guidelines

In Louisiana, the child support amount is determined by applying state-specific guidelines to your situation. Ensuring an accurate and complete financial picture of both income and expenses is the key to arriving at a fair outcome.

We have extensive experience representing clients who have unusual financial circumstances, including seasonal income, commission-based income, overtime, bonuses, and per diem, as well as retirement plans and pensions. It is important to take into account all of your child’s expenses, including medical and daycare costs, as well as any extraordinary expenses. Our skilled and dedicated attorneys can thoroughly evaluate your financial situation and help you understand what you can expect.

Beyond the initial support determination, we also help clients who need assistance in seeking, or defending against, post-decree enforcement or modifications of existing child support orders.

Helping You Reach A Fair Spousal Support Agreement

There are two types of spousal support that the courts grant in Louisiana. There are different requirements for each kind of support, and we will help you protect your rights regarding both:

  • Interim spousal support can be granted for the period from filing through the finalization of the divorce and in some circumstances, up to 180 days post-divorce. This kind of alimony gives the receiving party time to become self-sufficient while the divorce is pending. Fault is not considered in determining interim spousal support, whereas pre-separation expenses are.
  • Permanent periodic spousal support is granted after the divorce is finalized. The three primary factors that the court will consider are freedom from fault, ability of one party to pay and the need of the requesting party. This kind of support continues for as long as those three factors exist or until the receiving party’s remarriage or the commencement of living with a romantic partner outside of marriage.

If your former spouse has failed to live up to their spousal support obligations, we can pursue contempt proceedings to seek enforcement of the original order or past due amounts. If you experience a material change in life or financial circumstances, a modification may be in order. We help parties seek or defend against a modification.

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